Kiss the forbidden

She stood naked in the blackness of the bedroom, she saw nothing but felt the presents all around her, then, the slim cold fingertips trailing down her spine, the touch made every cell in her body scream with arousal and she fell forward onto the bed,

writhing on the silken sheets as she turned on her back fisting the blankets, drawing her knees up in the air as she bent her legs, arching her back, and through the darkness she then saw his beautiful face as he moved down pinning her between the soft mattress and his hard body, he trailed his tongue over her lips and she screamed as five different waves of pleasure curled through her body, as he invaded her body screams and cries filled the night air making it thick and heavy with sex, the wild screaming went for hours then she lay alone panting a sobbing for air, the beautiful creature of seduction was gone.