Kisses of Crimson

Escaping the day from all it’s imperfections
walking the night to ponder its beauty
silently finding my prey, for it is near
afraid you should be, so i am a thing to fear
seducing mortality is a wound to my heart
blood thirsty death is a difference apart
a hansom figure stands in the shadows
next victim, to put out like a circle of candles
their only existence brings a sensation to my veins
the bite which we take are their only immortal pains
the kisses of crimson we shalt devoure
which gives us the strength and reigning of hour

By LilithSyn

I shelter myself a cloak of the velvet moon that weaves through the midnight sky like a lost ship in the misdt of the world it has abandoned. The art of knowing ones self is one of life's challenges, still little time and still with youth rushing through my veins. This life is only the beginning of the death that awaits us. There is no end to this long journey. I literally live in the nothing...which you call Irvine. Pointless, scarce of the strange, wealthy souls, and less of the people like me, i will miss my home. Judge thee not for you don't know me and neither know you. This is only the beginning.