Label THIS ..!.,

I hear people complain about being labeled alot… What they’re complaining about is beyond me. If you don’t want to be labeled goth, don’t dress like one, if you don’t wanna be labeled a jock, don’t play sports, if you don’t wanna be called a homo, don’t have same sex realtions. It’s all part and parcel of your chosen lifestyle…

That’s right, YOU chose it. No one forced it on you, it’s what you wanted to do. Sure you can say “I didn’t choose to be gay”… Ever heard of celibacy? I’m sure you have. You decided it was more important to have sex than avoid being called a homo right? You decided it was more important to dress different than be accepted, right? You like sports more than you care about how others view you… don’t you? If you have a problem with life, you have to try and change the only thing you have control over… yourself. It’s easier to change one person from the inside, than 6billion from the outside… at least I think so. Hell, I’ve done it. I used to not shower, and I didn’t like being called “stinky”, so guess what I did… Yep, that’s right… I locked myself in my room for years and felt sorry for myself and bitched about why no one would accept me for who I am while I cut myself with a razor… and then I took a shower. No one calls me stinky anymore. Problem solved. So really think about it. What’s more important to you; who you are, or what people think of you? So quit your bitchin’, and be proud of yourself.

“You are all unique individuals except for that one guy right there!”


(PS: I get labeled every day. People are always calling me an “asshole”. I can’t seem to figure out why… lol)

By Mannequin

Flawed by nurture, not by nature.