Land Of the Unfree

America is a big ass mob.Thats it.Yeah its legal to be yourself and not be in the majority.But amercia gos and lynches us. We need some sort of gathering is what we need.Like Salem on Hallows Eve or we could have a big ass rave in the cottom fields of Mississippi.People(us and them) need to see there are more “goths” , and i use that term broadly, than they thought.I think we should organize such an event and do it this year.Millions of goths from allover this godforsaken country.Tell me what you think homes.


By JackTheRipper

I was born 1989,you do the math.I have been disowned by my whole family for being a buddhist when they are all christians(Southern Baptist).I am myself but I dress,see,and listen like a goth. Peace, Jack The Ripper