last breath.

he had been alone for a lone time, He wished he had some one to love and care for, but the only thing he had, was the darkness, the silence, and himself.

years past, he had not changed in apperance, he looked like a handsome young man. he went to a bar, he met a girl, he liked her alot, she looked like a girl, a girl he had known, her laugh, her voice, oh how it sounded like Vicky. Vicky….. Vicky was a Vampier, just likw him, But one night, She was killed, She was killed Trying to save him, But, how could this be? it looked like her, it sounded like her, she even had the same sparkle in her eye, that made him melt, He had to know, if it was her. He waited until she was getting ready to go home. she smiled and waved good bye to her friends,,, she walked out the door. he followed. he saw her go down a alley, he chased after her, she didn’t hear him. he was right behind her, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, Fear was in her eyes, but, he pushed her to a wall, her face was in the brick wall, he held her hands behind her back, he put his chin on her shoulder and said: “Don’t be scared, don’t fight, I won’t hurt you”. with that, she seemed to calm down. he pressed his body to hers, he could feel her heart beating, he could feel every breath she took. then he used one of hand to hold her arms and hands back, He put his other hand around her waist, he could sense she was scared. he put his face in her neck. he Just found this girl, And already, He loved her, He wanted to bite so badly, but he didn’t want to hurt the one he loved. then a single tear came from the girls eye, and she said: “what are you going to do to me?” the man answerd: I’m thinking of what to do,” He wiped the tear from her eye, He had decided to make her his queen, He put his face in her neck, and took a deep breath, he grabbed her, and ran to his home. he took her to his room. The girl wanted to scream but knew she shouldn’t. he had left her on a bed, on his room alone….. she wanted to run but she was tied to the bed, then the door opened and the he was, he closed the door behond him, and looked at the frightned girl, he came closer to her, and sat of the edge of the bed. “be calm , in a few minutes it will be all over,” he softly put his hand under her chin and gave her a kiss, it seemed to make her very calm, the man leaned over her body, this all started with a single kiss, now the girl wanted more, she kissed him, he kissed her, they were kissing, he was on top of her now, his arms her on her back, her arms were on his back, she wanted him. he took off his shirt and started to kiss the girls neck, the girls took off her shirt, the man went on his back, seeing what would be her reaction. she went on him kissing him. and made her way to his neck. she took of her pants, then the man did the same. the man flipped the girl to her back and went on her, put his face in her neck, softly nibbling. he was thinking of this girl, then he looked in her eyes, and saw, she wasn’t a vamiper, she was full of life and blood. blood, the sweetest thing in the world, the taste, the smell, he couldn’t resist. he took one more breath, bit her. she felt him take that breath, and in that secound, she found out what he was, she knew what he was going to do, she could feel his fangs in her neck, she could feel him sucking her blood away, Every breath she took was painful, every breath she took, felt like her last. The man Was thinking of how his life will be, It wouldn’t be lonely. She could feel him sucking her life away. he had stopped. the Girl, She was now one of him, and ever since then, they’ve been together, “how was it?” ASked the man. “it was painful” she answerd. What was the most painful part?”
She answerd “the last breath”.