last day….

blood everywhere

lying all around me

but my clothes are bare

i cant see

the knife is on the floor

the shiny, bloody blade

i cant take it anymore

my friends thought i had it made

the pain is great

i cant move at all

this world is full of hate

i was supposed to be at the mall

why cant we just all get along?

teasing, hate, murder

its all one big, sad song

they all r gonna say

i didnt know i hurt her

no one understands

why i cant feel

the fake ness of the world

my body is like ice, now

blood crusted in my hair

dripping from my mouth

1 knife did it all

well, now im going

i tried to love

i really did

but all i recieved was hate

tell maggs i love her

tell moll shes my lil princess

and love them like i did

i will never have

their cold nose wake me

from my slumber again

trying to scream

but all comes out a whisper

cant breathe

total darkness

oh, theres the light

good bye hate

welcome what ever comes…

By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me