Last Dream

I feel it’s presense,icy fingers upon my throat,
I hear it’s dreadfull sounds,unsettling my every thought,
It all started with a dream that now darkness is breaking,
My only salvation,the shock of awakening.
As I know it’s time to die,
I feel weak and sad of eye,
All the love and passion he brought,
Now are just a broken mirror in which his image is caught.
I can feel myself falling deep into the darkness,
Feel tears as I drown in the lake of sadness,
I’m captured in that eternal flame,
I’m just a prisoner of my personal jail.
I live in agony because his heart was so cold,
Live with secret that has never been told,
As I cannot take it any more,
I finally collapse and hit the floor.
And while the blood is running down my hands,
I know it’s so normal from where he stands,
I’m left alone to die in that hell,
To bleed to death in my prison cell.
The blood’s still running through my heart,
But my soul’s slowly falling apart,
Like infernal snake around my throat,
Screams are suffocating my every thought.
I burn in madness with my sin,
Still alive from the outside but dead within,
Finally I feel the kiss of death,
My lips losted the ultimate breath.
I’m trapped for eternity in this hell,
I wasn’t aware of it,but now I know well:
“What begins as a dream,soon becomes a nightmare…”

Pray,it’s only a nightmare…