Last Letter Home

I have thought long and hard about what I would tell you in this last letter. I have spent many countless hours in deep contemplation trying to find the words to convey the severity of the situation I am now faced with. But even after all my struggling, I find only the anguish of defeat, and the sorrow of everlasting loneliness. For the words I feel I must speak to you I cannot. Because I know not what those words are. Therefore the effort is futile and meaningless in its purpose.

I cannot even begin to describe the dimensions of the black void that lies where my heart once was. And try as I might, I do not think I will recover this time.
Long ago I was a boy struggling to be a man. Now I’m a man struggling to remember what it was to be a boy. If you could only see my eyes, you would know all hope is gone. Because the only thing I have to live for now is this war, and this war only promises to bring me more pain and suffering.
There is only so much torture a tattered soul can endure alone, and I fear I am at my wits end. I can tell you that I am not afraid of death; as a matter of fact I welcome it into my embrace. Oh how I long to burn in the black acidic flames of my self inflicted demise. But please, weep for me not. For I am the malefactor of my own destiny, and the corrupter of my own wheel of fate. I chose the path I now walk, and walk it alone I must.
Know by the time you read these words I will be no more. Because at dawns first light my torment will cease, and my only hope as morning approaches, is that through my death you may find some peace……

By Nightmares of the Dead

I am a 19 yearold Marine from a small town in Texas. I am currently serving with a unit out of Camp Doha Kuwait.