Last Time

It all started on a thursday.My best friend Ecstasy announced that her Birthday party was on Saturday night.It was the buzz of the school. Not that she was havin a birthday but the fact she was havin a party. every party she has are totally wild.

That night i ran up Ecstasy and we talked till one am. First we organised the piss and food then we rang our boyfriends. Her boyfriend Zeb was a senior at our high school the same as us. So he pretty much new about the party but my boyfriend, Cyn, was 19 and workin so he had to be invited.He offered to bring some piss as well.Then we arranged to wag school the next day and go into town and buy new outfits for her party.The next night i came home and colapsed on my bed tired from shopping. I had brought myself i short red dress made of silk. I brought matching kitten heels. Ecstasy brought a baby blue mini skirt and a hot pink top to match.The phone rang and i answered it. It was Cyn wanting me to go out on the town for the night. Being 10.30pm already i was guessing he meant all morning as well. I told him i couldn’t as i needed my beauty sleep before the party tomorrow. He laughed and told me if it was possible for me to get any prettier he would have to put a paper bag over my head so all the other boys wouldn’t chase me.I laughed and said my goodnights and went to bed.In the morning i woke up just as the phone was ringing. “Hullo?” It was Ecstasy she sounded upset. “Vixen thank god i got hold of you i need you over here right now.” She hung up. Quickly i pulled on a top and shorts and drove over to her house.As i got out of the car she flung her arms around me. “I-i my shower broke.” she sobbed into my shoulder. She always was a drama queen.” Its ok how about we get ur house ready for the party then you can use my shower to get ready.”After 2 hours of hard cleaning we went back to my house and got ready.It was 9pm when Cyn picked us up at my house along with Zeb.People started arriving at the party at 9.15pm. It was a totally mad.There were drunks every where not to mention people getting stoned and pissing on the couches.The biggest downer to the night was having Cyn have to deal with noise control but he managed and it was all good.By 3am the last of the guests at our party had left and the house stank like piss, spew and dope. Ecstasy groaned about it so Cyn suggested we cruze the town. At this point we were pissed out of our minds and couldn’t register how dangerous drunken driving was. We all piled into Cyns car and left. We turned onto the highway and found ourselves lining up with some boyracers. Cyn all up for the challenge revved his engine and then at the gun shot we were off. Gaining many kms a second. Then all to fast we were approaching a bend. To late, everything began in slow motion. We went flying over the barrier. i remember the screech of those breaks echoing in my head. then the smashing of the glass all around as we barreled into the tree.All went blank then.i vaguely remember the sound of a chain saw against metal and sirens.then nothing.I woke up in hospital after spending three days in a coma. I saw Ecstasy standing over my crying with a happy but haunted look on her face. They told me i had been in an accident. all i could ask was were was Cyn?It took another three days before they told me he had died during the accident from a broken neck. he had not been wearing a seat belt.i didn’t speak to any one for days and after that only to Ecstasy and my parents. Even months later i only speak to few. And still i cannot look at Ecstasys boyfriend Zeb. it has been a year but seeing him for some reason still brings back haunting memories of the joys and love me and Cyn shared together. The pain of losing Cyn stabbed my heart like a million razor sharp knives. i long for him and miss him. i still haven’t gotten in to a car since. i guess its from fear and memories of him but i learned my lesson, never too drink driveand speed, please don’t let yourselves got thru this pain and learn the hard way be careful on the roads.Vixen

By Vixen

hello i am the Dark Angel if n e one ever gives me shit and or says im not or tells me to remove this from my profile should go * themselves Watch ur back Vixen