“Last Will and Jesus’s Testament”

Why can’t we not be clean and take in his pride
Why can’t we dream in his mind
I am a liar
Trust in me and all will fall in well

Virgin Mary ended her life in all those who had watched myself crawl in her entrails
I will find a center point in you
Trust me
Love has not come in no better time then to wait for my departure
I want what you want
The prophets tell a tale of his beginnings
The dark lamb brought to the slaughter, in it’s black wool the parasites slumber in a deep sleep
This is life
Life feeds on life, life feeds on life, life feeds on life
Jesus has no commit to on you nor himself
Markings on his back which in turn is the map of the route of the four horsemen descending on Earth
Tear in to world’s history 50 years
Hitler stood next to Jesus and embrace him as his only son
Millions of his children died in his lazy eyes
Nailed to the cross with his blood-stain wrappings he sports his red Nazis arm-band and salutes to God in remembrance of the life he once lived
Drain of blood I can’t resist of a taught for the bastard child
I am not jaded, hiding in the shadows, taming the haunted images of his pain as God damned Jesus in a cold cage
I am fading, hating like a predator stalking Hitler
I believe in killing
I believe in people dying
I believe in the end of the world as a picture of God killing out his children.

By Angelkorpse von Abaddon

a punk who is in a messed up world, trying to find fellowship of other punks