I’m firing this off in the heat of the moment, having just seen the new poster for the upcoming reboot/sequel/parallel time installment of the HALLOWEEN franchise. (Maybe I should specify that I’m WRITING this immediately after viewing the poster; it will likely be several days before this article posts to the website. Think of like looking at a star. The stars that we see, many of them aren’t there anymore. They’re just so far away that it takes millions or billions of years for their light to reach us. It’s like looking back in time. Actually, it IS looking backward in time. So it is that you are reading this article as if I had only just written it, when for you several days have passed.)

My initial thoughts, then, in this flurry of excitement:

DAMN, that is gorgeous. The aged mask, the original mask, only now forty years older. It has lost none of its potency in those four decades. John Carpenter and Debra Hill sure knew what they were doing when they painted that Captain Kirk mask white instead of going with their original plan, which was a clown’s mask. Clowns are creepy aplenty, but they created a new psychological archetype with that Michael Myers mask. Or re-created it. They gave a new face to the immortal boogeyman.

Please, please, PLEASE let this movie be good!