News has broken that Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to the HALLOWEEN franchise for the next installment, portraying the character she originated nearly 40 years ago. And we already knew that John Carpenter is going to be producing, and will have a hand in the creation of the movie. For a die-hard (heh) HALLOWEEN mark, this should be a cause for wild celebration. My joy is tempered, however, by other things I’ve read concerning plans for the film, and by certain problems involving continuity.

For one thing, they’re saying that Michael Myers won’t be supernatural in the new movie. Criminy! How stupid can people be? Rob Zombie stripped Michael of his paranormal trappings and it just didn’t work. A big dude with a knife just isn’t that scary when compared to some nefarious, elemental force. You can always get away from a dude with a knife. Or put a bullet in a specific spot in his anatomy. The terrifying thing about Michael is that no matter how far you run, or how long, and no matter how many bullets you put in him, he’ll keep coming after you. If you take that feature away, you geld the character and the movie. I really, really hope they’re smarter than that.

As far as Laurie coming back, will they just ignore HALLOWEEN H20 and HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION? Or will they have to come up with some way to explain that Laurie survived her death in the latter film? I hope that’s the way they go with it, the latter approach. They’ve already done the whole “let’s just pretend such and such movies in the franchise never happened” thing. To try it twice would be going to the well once too often.