I sit and write think what to say,
they tell me “you should live day by day.”
but its not easy, with all this shit i got goin on in my life
i hold in my hand my kitchen knife.
my razor blade is better, leaving a distiant but noticable scar,
i don’t value my life not the least bit not by far.
i dont value my life no, not like i should,
i take chances dont learn from my mistakes,you say youd love me only if u could.
although u say u do, i know its not true.
its just alie told,now i say it to you.
but i did mean it,now,i dont.
i’m tryin not to love you i can’t iwon’t.
cuz evry time i say yes, i’m just settin my heart up.
you said your sorry,you didn’t know u hurt me this bad, just leave me alone shut the fuck up.
i dont want to hear it any more.
get out of my head, i dont want u any more.
get out of my face,
get off my case.
ahh, i’m alone at last.
no your back! i said get away before i kick your fuckin ass!

By dead2theworld

none of your fuckin buisiness.