leave me broken

i was on the floor.i remeber everything that happened.his eyes were so kind, so beautiful so i him in to use the the phone.he didn’t want the phone. once inside he grabed be the throt. and said be still. the tears running down my face.he ran his fingers up and down my body.i felt i was screaming but no sound came out.and then when he took the rope and tried to tie me up. but i broke away and ran. the shirt was ripped and my eyes were blurred and i couldn’t feel the cold. but i could taste it. i new i had to run or i would die. i tripped i couldn’t get up and that when i felt the knife go in to my skin and he said “shhh little girl this wouldn’t hurt” and i closed my eyes and faded into darkness. when i opened them again. i saw him standing over me and he said he was finshed he took what he need and kissed my head and “bye bye i’ll be back real soon”

By mIsErY AnGeL