Leave them far behind

nobody wants you to know, care or otherwise,
leave them alone, turn your back and cry,
watch the moon go down leading your life,
watch it fall, with it, your mind,

believe in yourself, dont think of the past,
try to be some soul again, dont fall again,
they all know, they get you down,
fight off their tears of laughter with a smile,
so they know your back up again,
making them wonder why, nothing is working,
look into their eyes, show them its not hurting,
turn away with pride you feel so deep inside,
you wont be defeated, you wont sit back and die,
walk the stretch of your own path,
leave them far behind,
the horizon glows in your aroma,
dont let them catch site of you,
leave them far behind,
their taunts were wasted on the strength of your mind,
it is because of you, we can all leave them, far behind,
never fearing the next tear, it will not enter our mind,
leave them far behind….

By Skitzin

Over the last year my life has been full of emotions. I have had some kind of depression, which has made me realise how pathetic this world can really be. I have became an outsider to a crowd of happy people. I now try to get rid of all the anger and such, with the use of lyrics, with the thought that i would get it out of my system.