Led as A Lamb

Led as a lamb to the slaughtering field,
never hearing the bloody bleating of the others, feared.
An apocolyptic nightmare, encrypted in maniacal faces,
Another sigh of death, another destruction of races.

Lies pervade the air, recked with blood and oil,
whispered screams float above the darkened, bloody soil.
Listen to your shepard, isn’t he so kind,
to let you live, yet lead you blind.
Yet never leave hit white, picket fense,
for you shall pay, bloody ammense,
for your sins against your creator.

Like black sheep out placed, out raged,
using science as knowledge, they are enslaved.
They cling to a new member of the herd,
one with a pure frock whom was never detered.
The bleating of this figure transfixed the dumb,
their silence allowed ramblings from the white one.
Allegedly, he was the chosen of the flock,
let free to roam past the barriers, into the flock.
So jealousy careened with anger to erect a pole,
they tied up the holy and beat him until his blood ran cold.
Still the sheep that followed became entranced,
enough to see ressurections, romanced.
Fantasy led as the shepard strayed,
the sheep grew hungry, ewmotionally dismayed

Until a figure unlike themselves grimmed with malice,
he tricked the sheep to sacrifice with crimson in a chalice,
“If thou biteith the hand that feeds, keep his blood…
So that I, may be immortal and lead you far away where you can run free.”
The sheep rebelled against the creator who bound them,
he laid his hoe to their heads…and drowned them.
Yet he obtained more sheep and sheered them for his purpose,
a sick game enlightened the mind of the sadist.
Led as a lamb to the slaughter field,
raised like golden cattle to create enriching veal.
The bleeting is now enraged,
yet still some delight in being enslaved.

Tears fall from, bloody wool,
while the shepard’s face reflects in a crimson pool.
Yet the sheep black as death, laid to rest,
as their bodies and their souls, with razorblades blessed.
They baptized their heads in the shepard’s hands,
they frollicked with pain, obeying his commands.
A sick society of idiotic creatures,
yet they evolved into homosapian features.

Through time bleating turned to languages,
to speak of their, shepard’s praises.
The fences grew wider as they multiplied,
and the ones farthest from Him…defied.

This cabal of hatred and insane thought,
close to the death of sheep to smell the bodies rot .
Close to the woods of temptation, past the fence,
they delved into the forest, as the shepard’s heart tensed.
They endulged in fruits of nature, having life’s sweet taste,
they feared no death, so through life they haste,
Rituals of suicide and slaughter filtered to their head,
they painted the trees with the color of red.
Their paganistic rituals created much bloodshed,
The cabal of demons filled the shepard with much dread.
Outcast, they ravaged through the endless forest with a tainted sky,
until they met a creature, a wolf, so sly.
He bid them welcome into his humble abode,
upon the sorceries of the cabal he rode.
They swiftly learned, he detested the shepard for he was hungry,
to gorge upon sheepish skin.
Alas, the cabal defied normal sheep,
for the necters of life affected them deep.
With a disdain, they arranged, to go against the shepard who left them astray,
in disarray, they charged into the stable to destroy the pure coats.
Cannibalism and sadomasachism, at once was ordained by rebaptism in vermillion,
and the shepards blood did flow with a malicious venom.
A burial ground filled with hung, red wool, of the followers of him,
meat and bones, adored the thrones, of the evil kin.
Horror to the shepard as he looked upon with eyes detached from their place,
and mockingly, the cabal of bleeting, grinned at the look upon his face.

Led as alamb to the slaughter fields,
so blind and nieve to not hear the bleeting of the others.
Sickly blood spat upon the ground while on knees,
how could thou defy, the cry, of thy brothers?