Lestat and I

Lestat was his alias name. I knew he wasn’t the real vampire but close enough. He was all I could think about when I went to bed at night. It was as if he were poisoning my mind. Secretly taking my soul away. One fine evening he asked if he could come over. He was my age and insisted on seeing me. I agreed and waited for him that night. He lived a good twenty minutes away. Which gave me time to light a few candles and turn out the lights.

I wore a black, strapless tank top with black sweeper pants jeans. The multiple necklaces around my neck swung back and forth as I paced my apartment. Finally, I heard a knock at the door. Making sure I looked all right, I opened the door slowley.

And there he stood. Silhouetted in the dimly-light hallway. Oh, how beautiful he was. Black spiked hair, fishnets, large black jeans that covered his shoes. He smiled down at me and his plastic fangs were visible. I smiled back, letting mine show. It didn’t matter if they were plastic. After all, I had a feeling we were going to have much fun tonight.

“May I come in?” his voice was like the wind. It swept my heard out onto the floor. I nodded, mesmerized by his green eyes. Moving aside for a moment, I let him in and then closed the door, locking it. I turned to face him and he was admiring the red and white candles.

“You lit candles?” he asked, smirking at me.

I smiled and walked towards him. “Only for the occasion.”

I stood in front of him now, his dark figure looming over me.

“What is the occasion?” he asked, still smiling.

“I was hoping you could set it.”

He was still smiling while he leaned down to kiss me. His kiss was deep and passionate. His hands ran down my arms making me shiver. Wrapping his arms around my waits, he pulled me closer and I placed my arms around his neck. He reached further down and grabbed my ass. I gasped and pulled back, taken by surprise.

“That’s mine.” I claimed.

“And you’re going to stop me?” he asked.

I smiled and answered. “Of course.”

I pushed him to my room and shut the door behind us. My heart was racing and I’m sure his was, too. I pushed him onto the my bed with one hand and traced the other down his neck. I sat ontop of him, smiling down at him. He ran his hands over my ass and up again. Leaning down, I licked his neck and kissed my way to his lips where I dug my toungue in deeply and he dueled back with his. Lestat moaned in delight as I nibbled on his lower lip, softly.

His hands worked their way all over my back and side and I knew he was getting hard having me ontop of him. I could feel his erection burn through his pants. I stopped nibbling on his lip and moved down a bit so my face met his torso.

“My, my. Are we hiding something?”

I ran my hands over the front of his pants and he shivered. His breathing was picking up as I took the zipper between my teeth and pulled down ever so slowly. I rid of his pants and pulled down his boxers. This was going to be fun.

My heart pounded in delight as I finally took his erection into my mouth. He moaned and clutched the bed sheets with either hands on his sides.

“Oh my God….”

I sucked so hard and fast I knew he was on the verge. Just a little more teasing….I licked from bottom to top slow and careful but not yet making him cum. I wasn’t satisfied until he was practically spasing beneath me. I smiled and took to it again, this time a little faster. Finally, I pulled back and he came.

Oh the sounds that came from his lips were turning me on. I lifted his boxers, being careful as to not touch any of the skin that was now swollen with my saliva. I giggled and sat ontop of him once more. He was so beautiful. I took off his fishnet shirt and sat there, adoring him. His pale skin glittering sweat in the moon light that came through my window. I smiled.

He looked up at me, most likely wanting to do his own magic. He removed my necklaces and threw them on the ground near his pants. He sat up on his knees and faced me, running his hands along the side of my body again. I shivered and goosebumps appeared on my arms. He smirked and started pulling my tank top down. I rested my hands on his shoulders. What a feeling it was to have his breath on my neck as he pulled off my top.

I shivered at the contact with cold air on my breasts. Leaning his weight onto me, he had his way and I let him lay me down. Lestat kissed my chest over my heart and worked his way to my left breast where he licked it and started sucking on it lightly, as to not hurt me. I moaned and let my arms rest above my head.

I felt his lips travel lower down my body and my breathing became heavier. I swear he could hear my heard while he pulled down my pants. It revealed my blood red thong and he pulled it off as well, ridding it the same way as my pants. I suddenly felt oddly cold and wanted him in me more than ever. He licked my clit then suddenly spread my legs and thrust into me. I practically screamed out.

He must of taken off his boxers without me knowing. Damn was he good. He took to a slow pace, in and out of me. I became accustom to the feeling and moaned into his neck. Lestat sucked on my neck while he continued his pace then started to pick it up and go a little faster. My stomach was doing flips and I felt sick for a moment but it felt SO GOOD all at the same time.

I felt myself come to the edge and we released at the same time. I screamed into his chest and then my head flopped back on the bed. I felt like I just ran a ten-mile race and that I’d won, too. He disingaged from my body and plopped beside me. He pulled me close and wrapped us in my red velvet sheets. He looked down at me and smiled.

“God you’re beautiful….”

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.