Let Go

Shove the needle under my skin. Push it back to the surface. Mark me with your sins. Create your new scapegoat. Threaten me with words in vain. I am not being held here by force. Push with your imaginary athority and keep your eyes tightly shut. I was the end of your dreams, in me you only found a nightmare. The child you wanted so bad is not within me. Its too late to change me, it was too late from the beginning. I am not your flesh and blood, only a piece of paper binds us. I have the scissors so prepare to be let free of your suffering.

By LilithApocalypse

My heart stop and my blood turns to ice. Your stick your barbed wire fingers inside of me. You twist your fingers dripping with lies and cut your way into my life. I bleed you out. My veins drip life onto the floor