Let Me Ask You This . . .

are you like me?

i am alone. lost. searching for answers in people who don’t know the question. the few i have trusted leave me deserted. i adore beauty, savagry, passion and intelligence. i am young, but feel old. i am trapped in the monotony of life. happiness disgusts me. insanity suits me. vampirism is my passion, ever since i found myself to be a psychic vampire. and although i do not like people, i am constantly searching for love and understanding. i let myself be fooled by ignorant people who say they understand. but they let me down and i get hurt, angry and then secluded once again. i stupidly continue to hope for “the one”, consider myself the giver of good advice, if only to find an excuse to write something… and wish only to have someone to experience pain with. because it’s so much sweeter when someone is with you.so are you like me? and can you help me? and can you write something that will move me and make me smile, if only for a second? because if you can, than I will love you for a second, and adore you for a second, and be grateful for those few seconds of understanding and contentment.

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By MoonVampire

Remember youth as you pass by, As you were once, so once was I, As I am now, you soon will be, Prepare to die and follow me. ~Epitaph on a warlock grave