Letting go…

Standing in the ocean, watching the sun setting over the water, thoughts of us fill my head.
I miss you.
I remember all the times we spent together, all the gentle moments where there were no words, no actions, only love, for the moment and for each other.

A soft breeze swirls the sands behind me and makes ripples over the water.
Everything about this place is magic.
We came here before, spending the night within a small cave. We laid together in the wet sand, watching the sun go down. The night grew cold, and the water would lap up over our feet, but we kept each other warm.
That night was a lot like this one.
I turn to look back to the cave where we slept, and there you are. You’re sitting there on a ledge, gazing up into the sky, probably wishing on the stars.
You always did wish on the stars during twilight.
I stand there in awe. I had thought I would never see you again. I am amazed at your beauty. I didn’t know you could ever be more handsome than before.
My eyes fill with tears.
Why did we have to end?
My voice is shaking, but I call to you. As you look at me, I see your glistening emerald eyes soften, and that perfect smile, the same the Greek gods wore, spread across your face.
I stare, more astounded than before. I can’t move. I can no longer speak. I pray you’ll come over.
As if on cue, you stand and run to me, the wind sweeping across your light brown hair.
Thank god.
You wrap your arms around me.
I can hardly do the same. I’m shaking all over, and my crystal tears fill the ocean.
Finally, I hold you tighter than ever before.
I never want to leave your embrace.
The way your arms hold me close, the way my arms feel around you, the way your scent fills the air…
You whisper softly to me.
“I love you, Emily. Forever…”
You move my head, stroking my hair, and move forward to kiss me.
Such a kiss I had never tasted. Nothing had ever been so sweet, nothing had ever been missed more.
We stand in ecstasy, letting every ounce of love into that kiss.
We pull apart slowly. I never wanted it to end.
I look up into your eyes, expecting to see the warmth I used to know.
It’s not there.
I can feel your arms loosen from around me.
“No. Don’t let go…”
I feel you beginning to slip away.
You’re stepping away now, moving slowly out of my reach.
I grasp your hand before it’s too late.
You look at me flatly, but tell me you don’t want to go.
“Then stay. You can stay, right here with me. Remember? Forever?”
Your hand’s becoming cold.
“Okay,” you promise, “I’ll stay with you. I love you.”
I try to pull you towards me, but you continue to slip away.
“I love you, too. I always have. Please don’t leave me now. Not again.”
I feel the ocean begin to pull you away from me as we both struggle to hold on.
Your fingers begin to loosen from around mine.
“Don’t give up now,” I plead.
“I won’t. I never will,” you answer.
I can see the truth in your eyes. You didn’t mean what you said.
“But I love you. You can’t just go. You…you’re everything to me. I can’t go on without you.”
You don’t respond. You’re just looking at me, but right through me. It’s almost like I’m not even there.
The ocean pulls you further, but I refuse to let go.
“I’ll never let you go,” I whisper.
You can’t hear me. You can’t see me.
“Jason? Please say something!”
Tears mingle with the salt water on my face as you look away, out into nowhere.
I realize that you’re literally fading away.
You’re image is becoming blurry.
“Wait! Stay with me! I need you!”
You start to say something, but your words are lost among the waves.
I don’t know what to do. Panic is taking over. There’s nothing I can do. You’re already gone.
All that’s left of you is a gentle mist, except for your hand, still linked to mine.
I look at what’s left of your perfect form, and I realize that there’s nothing left for me to do.
I hesitate for a moment, but then I let go of your hand.
With that, your eyes look at me.
Silence fills the air as a gentle breeze takes you away and scatters you amongst the sands.
In the silence, an echo lingers.
“I love you, Emily. Forever…”
I look down at my hand. “Yeah,” I breathe, “forever…”
Seconds later, I open my eyes.
I feel the breeze on my face and the waves at my feet.
Awakening from the dream I see I was finally letting go.
“No… I’m not letting go. There was nothing there to let go of…”

By PunkRockStoner

i have no life so there's really nothing to write here.