Letting Love Go

it’s like a slap in the face when you realize that love is no longer there. you hold onto a false hope and a fairy tale future. all to end up having to give it up. it’s like “what was the point?” all the pain, and all the suffering, all the promises, all the dreams, all of the waiting, just to have it all crashing down around you.

like none of it matter at all. and, even after the crash, you continue to hold on. cuz you still have hope. it’s like it becomes a habit. hmm…that seems slightly wrong. hope being a habit. habits are broken everyday. you never really believe in habits. they are just routine. and it hurts to “just be friends” . . . cuz it’s like you were never in love to begin with. there is no right answer. either you feel nothing and be friends (which will make you wonder if you ever loved that person to begin with) or you feel everything and feel weak because the other person has moved on. nothing is ever win-win. something should be win-win every now and then dont you think? you continue to hold on to that love that was gone so long ago. you cant help it. then comes the day that you wake up and realize that it’s over. it finally sinks in. it’s all gone. and you had to let it go. even tho the other person left you. and it’s the saddest thing in the entire world, realizing that you will never ever be with the one you love most in this world again. then the true loneliness sets in. and everyone else in the world disappears. it’s all gone. all becuz of you. and you hate urself that you cared so much. that you allowed urself to be so vunerable. easily hurt. the pain is so great that you want to die. bruises fade, but the pain remains the same. it’s all in there. deep down. and it kills you. at least a little bit each day. and all you do is sit there, and let it happen. becuz all you want is that person. the person that left you broken and bare. all there seems to be is pain.

By PoeticChaos

I'm a girl. The only way i can express myself is thru art or writing. I think too much about a lot of things. That's all you need to know.


  1. Your an excellent writter, if only worked on spelling, punctuation, and paragraphs, this would be a perfect piece.

    As to the situation…what happened? Love happens to be, something I’ve handled. Sometimes it is ironic because the worst things are actually there to make you learn from them. Hell isn’t it?

    Sympathy I can’t give, but pity and self-loathing I can share. Keep your chin up and your left glove up as a shield.


  2. Love is one big, confusing thing, everyday i ask my self deos she love me, everyday i kill myself

  3. I’m not sure exactly what happened. One day love was there…the next it was gone. Strange how life works out like that. Thank you for the compliment. Writing is my only escape. Glad people understand.

  4. Sometimes we just fall in love with other people’s pain and we want to help them out so much. Or we want to be just like them, a mirror of the other, or they reflect us it seems. But it may only be just a reflection if it goes no where. You have to find if it was really love or just the love of another’s pain or a reflection of yourself. It’s really hard to see sometimes as you can be so over come by the overwhelming feelings.

    Other times its because there was something to be done together and something to be completed or something to be resolved together. And when it’s over it just finishes and there is no more and one or the other moves on. These are just such hard things to come to terms with when you can’t see them, don’t realise what it is all about. So hard to see until you step away, and sometimes it takes years to understand all this.

  5. i know what voltarrens saying about falling in love with the pain and wanting to be just like them. you never know when love is real or fake. understanding is so cruel, but i’d rather understand than to keep going through what i have already been through.

  6. You took the words straight of my very soul, and you were able to put such thoughts onto paper. Your very talented and an awsome writer.

  7. Well done!
    Yes, im going to agree with everyone and admit that you are talented writer.
    Perhap’s we could share stories being both true and fiction?

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