hey every1 dis is my 1st piece of poetry….can u tell me if u like it…thanx!

can u think of a place that’s so dark and cold that u cant even see the blood rush from your veins? i can, my mind. people r so happy it scares me to imagine wat their minds would be like. critical to things that r sane to me yet crazy to them.

could u imagine it? i try not to bcoz then i’d b part of the human race. which i’d prefer to stay seperate from. you see, mankind are like tv aerials, they believe everything they hear or see which is wat makes them so human. as i do not. i believe wat i no making me my own creation, but in other people’s mind, im one of satan’s kind. they dont even no of a Lucifer or wat he’s like but they picture him to be cruel, independant and rebellious. if that’s wat makes me part of satan’s kind then so be it.
my mind isn’t wat you’d define a mind of being. my mind is me. it’s where i keep my thoughts, my memories and my plans. i dont mean happy, bubbly memories or plans for me so called memories i can see simply by looking my scars on my plans as in new devious ways i can fuk wit peoples minds and of course my own. my thoughts as in ‘friendships’. thats an interesting topic…friendship. it’s sposed to b a circle of friends who care & no each other, but wat its meant to be and wat it is are totally different things. friendships around me are secretly torn, they all no it but cant reveal it in fear of reality.
the scars i bear are all in light of 3 things. school, friends and family. you get pressures from everyone of them, u get threats and bullshit too. one person believes in me, believes in me for all theri worth, yet knows deep down inside that they cant help me. instead they show their side they show to the world, funnily enough i say THEM today, i saw the fears and the dissapointment in their eyes that it made me want to cry. how does a person ave the ability to do that? easy, if everyone showed their real selves it would be a depressing world to live in. but if you look into someones eyes and i mean look you can see this. no-one can look into my eyes and see this thoguht bcoz thatz not where my mind and the real me lie. that lies in my scars….