I need something or someone to be there for me.
Everyone hates me, not a big secret.
But I hate them all too.

I can’t stand their repulsive exitence close to me.
None understand how I feel it.
None understand that I hate them infinitively times two.

Hatred is your present for me.
You kick me and make fun of me,
but I don’t care ‘ bout your fucking feelings for me.

I don’t feel love…Never.
I need to hate, to feel alive.
Bruises fade, but pain remains forver.

You and I can not remain.
One will have to go.
It’s not gonna be me, I won’t go.

I keep a knife in my hand,
just waiting for the right time.
I just wanna take a life and make it mine.

Your bloddy rife bloodstream is gonna rip apart.
Hatred plus blood equals I.
‘Cause that blood and that life I’m gonna make mine.

By darklife

does any body really care?