life in death

it was a clear bright night and as he walked home i was following him silently in the shadows he was slightly drunk but able to walk he was mumbling something to himself which normally would be in-audiable but i heard it with my hearing which was sharpened due to the vampire blood coursing through me

and that’s what would soon become of my beloved who had recently dumped me but i know he still wants me thats what he’s mumbling about! i slipped in his house jus before he did as he opened the door (us vampires can travel at the speed of light when needed) and i went up his stairs to wait for him in the bedroom he stumbles up stairs still mumbling but unaware of another presence. as he comes through the door i make my move i grab hold of him crushing him against my breasts and bite down into the soft flesh on his throat and drained to the brink of death then laying him down i whisper tenderly into his ear,
” it’s me jasmine, can you hear me cory nod if u can” i wait a few minutes then slowly and practically unnoticeably he nods his head i carry on talking to him in the same tone of voice but with more urgency,
” cory your going to die if i leave you here like this but that isnt what i wanted to do now i’m going to give u choice you can either die here now…. or…. live with me for eternity as what i am a creature of the night, the shadows and stars are my friends the sun my foe what do you say do you want to become a vampire and live forever in a way that you can’t imagine? tell me now before it’s to late.”
” y..e..s i…..wana…” he whispered in a faint voice i then took his head and made a slit just above my heart and deep rich intoxicatingly delicious blood poured out and i pushed him to it opening his mouth so he can get the taste of it and as i did he started to drink deep from within me i felt his need his want to be with me his desir eto get more and in that instant we connected in not only body but mind to we became one we understood each other beyond words or actions we were one then i pulled him back so he didnt take too much from me and i saw the blood glisten around his mouth in the light of the moon as he smiled at me lovingly the cut had already closed and we sat there together hugging eventually i pulled back slightly and said ” we better go some where sfer it’s almost dawn and we have to feed and get to the other side of town to my hideout where we will sleep and then tomorrow we will leave to travel the world together”
just as we went to leave he turned and said,
“why me?”
and i simply answered “isnt that obvious i love you so much and i cant imagine eternity without you”

By surondindarkness

i'm a 14 year old girl from england who enjoys thrash metal, death metal,rock etc. and i love reading about vampires and witches