life lost and never had

trying too swallow a bitter pill
knife in the back thats making me ill
noone knows but me noone understands but you
lies and deceit in what i thought were tales of love

now i know its time to lose
that which i never had
thought you were too young to lose
but i was fooled and now your gone
nevermind you are still here it is me who is gone
lost in a life i never had and never wanted
you tell me one and i see two
that how i never knew it was supposed to be with you
but alas how things have changed
upon my arm your inscription i bear
in vai as how you never really left
it was all a lie and i got trapped
in your web of deceit humbly
i bow before your feet
knowing you have tricked me once again
for one final tear drops from my eye
made of blood soo dark
and then
i die

By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)