Life of Dreams

I came upon a dreary land,
A vast spread of dead,
Crumbled bones peeled dry,
The sun burns over the sand.

A doorway hidden within,
The forest did hold secret,
Destiny had removed its need,
Joined us two under sin.

No longer do I exist,
In my home world of childhood,
Embarked on a great adventure,
Lost and confused, I still persist

Rebelling against those that told,
A foolish idea I drawn to know,
I left their cradled ideas,
Far behind, in the north’s cold.

The hills drop and rise past the sight,
I must greet each with a weary stride,
Continuing further from my captive past,
I seek to escape, draw closer to the light.

What I seek draws to me,
I now lay, no longer moving,
I did live a life of dreams,
Soon I will no longer be.