Life of the walking lost

As he took the gun out of his mouth, maybe the cold metal of the barrel had woken him to his sences. He took a look up to the flickering light above him and realised that the world was not going to kill him.

But that he was going to kill the world and make it pay for the torment that he had been given. As he sat naked in a bare room with only a plane wooden chair and a failing light above his tear filled head, he started to think how without harming him self or others, (he didnt want to hurt others, he still had some concience and morals left) he thought how he could not take over, but take the world from beneath the feet of those who depend upon the ground that they destroy yet depend upon each day from before thier existance until after their existance.rn At this moment in time there was silence not only in his head, the hole he called a room but also in the world out side of his own life of his own little world. He stood up, wipeing the tears from his face, still clutching the gun he walked out of his block of apartments and out into the street, wearing nothing but the gun that he held. As this world cant cope with seeing the most natural thing thing that each person is born with, as he walked down the black paved street not caring about the discusted and cold looks that he was recieving. He just looked at his now bleeding feet from the cold hard gravel of the pavement. As he walked further down the streets that were empty on the side that he was walking on. The police soon surrounded him and hand cuffed him trying their hardest not to touch his naked flesh. As he sat in the back of the police car now with no gun and only bleeding feet to show from his adventure into reality. As he was flung into a cell after he was questioned and tormented once again in his life but this time by the people who were surposed to protect him. He sat in the interview room still naked so that the officers could frequently drop in to laugh at and mock him. Sitting naked with bleeding feet. The police did not even try to take him to a doctor but left him so that he could suffer and keep recieving torment from the police force that was in the station on that particular day.rn He sat in the cell now wearing a white plastic police outfit reserved for naked people or those with blood stained clothes. rn Sat in the corner was a large muscle bound black gangster, who kept stareing at the frightened man sitting in the courner of the police cell. Luckly soon after was released but as the gangster left he handed him a lighter and whispered in his ear watch the flames dance. As he said this the gangsters hand brushed gently against his crotch. The police officer let this happen for a few minutes, bringing more fear to the mans eyes.

The rest is on its way!