Life’s Tangent

Aren’t you ever afraid of what’s inside you? Something that you don’t want other people to see? Doesn’t it scare you that one day you may reveal that secret? That one day you’ll trust someone and they’ll betray you? Betrayal is such a painful thing. To know that you were foolish enough to believe. To believe in hope that should have died. In faith that should not be blind. To regret all that you cannot forget.

Aren’t you afraid that you give away too much? That people can see beyond your smile? That you betray yourself with those placid brown eyes. The ones who remain listless with that lackluster stare. The ones who stare at me when they tell me they love me, but I know that really you just can’t be alone. You don’t love me. You’re dependent on me. I am the rock on which your entire world is based. If you leave me, you’ll come crashing down and will never be able to rebuild yourself.

I don’t mind. So keep on lying. Keep telling me you love me and doing things to please me. I know the truth. The truth you cannot conceive. And if you are content with that life, who am I to stop you?