Lily in Winter

Faithless and breaking, she suffered
A deadly forest of poison and lies
Hate grows within her weakened heart
Why can’t I die tonight?

Somebody’s screaming, falling, dying
Nobody sees or cares
Pill bottles disappear from cabinets day after day
(It’s like magic, sometimes)
No glass slipper would ever fit her foot
And prince charming had a better girl
So soft sleep was all that could wake her
From this surreal nightmare

Faeries sing and dance and play
“Come along, we’ll have fun”
Just one more red ribbon on your flesh
And you’ll be a starry-eyed girl
Free of bonds and dancing

She couldn’t even write poetry
Hard as she tried to be artistic
And her clumsiness slayed her dancing
A shaky and and a withdrawn heart
Ruined pouring her soul onto paper
And writing stories was all she knew
Until she realized they were hated

Now she stands and falls alone
Her pale skin scarred with red
A slash here, a scratch there
She just wishes she were dead

Take one more pill, steady now
And wear a beautiful white dress
She’ll die alone under a tree
White dress in a black world
Her soul never belonged
And so it withered away
Like a lily in winter

By dreams of glass

//Geisha deconstruct. (ask me if you're so curious about my life, darling.)