Little Girl

The Little Girl in the corner
Rocking and singing to herself
Ripping the heads of her many dolls
Saving them on a shelf

Dolly’s, dolly’s so many dolly’s
Her only company is her headless “friends”
She can still hear their voices
Even though she burned them

Broken glass twinkles in the glare of the sun
But she sits in her dark corner
Waiting for the sun to set
So the world will be as dark as she is inside

Bloody claw wounds for show and tell
She announces her daddy hits her under the gaze of her peers
The teacher throws her in time-out for scaring them
She glares at her while ripping the head of a new doll

Fallen angel
Now a child of the darkness
The product of hate and loneliness combined
A smoldering cinder straight from hell

A girl who was angry
A girl who was sad
A little girl who was crazy
A little girl who was bad

Grabs her hair and hacks it off with a knife
She hates all of you and this life
Feel her cry then feel her die
Just a Little Girl in the corner

By _Bloody_Rose_

Why does my life have to be this way? Why won't someone keep me safe? God I love my boyfriend but he just doesn't understand the pain inside me. I wish I had a boyfriend who understood and didn't look at my fresh cuts with a look of pity to then kiss them one by one as to make the hurt go away. Why won't someone tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way? Why won't someone give me a light so I can be guided home? Darkness, Dank, and Death consume me....Feeling Failing Falling Fading, ~Satania666~