Little Lost Girl

Listening to your heart beat
Steady and smooth
Kinda like the drum
They used to use to keep the slaves in rythm on the ships

Seeing the tears roll down your face
Leaving somewhat clean trails through the dirt
That seems to be a mask for your face
Why are you so unclean little one?

Hearing the sounds around you
Why is everyone screaming?
Why is your mouth a perfect ‘O’ of agony?
Are you screaming too?

Watching the people walk by
Encompassed in their own light they don’t even see you
Why do you have only the darkness my little raven?
How come your world is so dark?

Your hair is so short
It looks lie it would be curls if it was longer
Why does it look so dirty?
Why does it look so chopped up like you did it yourself?

Why are you wearing all black?
Why do you have so many cuts on you?
Why do they look so fresh?
Why are you crying blood my dark angel?

I reach out and try to touch you
My hand hits the harsh metalli surface of the mirror
As I come to the realization that that little girl is me
I smash it into tiny fragments with my fist

My hand a bloody pulp I step repeatedly on the glass
I see the little girl look up at me from the fragments accusingly
Her face now tinged red with the blood from my hand
I walk towards the door to go to school

I look back and see the fragments have put themselves back together
I see the sad little girl looking back at me
I see her smile at me and what as see the beauty she could have been if she hadn’t grown up the way she had
She waves at me sadly and dissapears

Goodbye Raven… She murmurs
Goodbye Brittany…Goodbye for good
I walk out and bandage up my hand quielty
throwing the glass still stuck in it to the floor

I grab my back pack
And leave my childhood behind.


By _Bloody_Rose_

Why does my life have to be this way? Why won't someone keep me safe? God I love my boyfriend but he just doesn't understand the pain inside me. I wish I had a boyfriend who understood and didn't look at my fresh cuts with a look of pity to then kiss them one by one as to make the hurt go away. Why won't someone tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way? Why won't someone give me a light so I can be guided home? Darkness, Dank, and Death consume me....Feeling Failing Falling Fading, ~Satania666~