I am a theatre person. I write, direct, and produce plays. My degree is in Theatre and English. I got my scholarship in college for set construction. Most of my closest friends are theatre people, too. (We’re a little like a cult in that way.) I am, however, not the typical theatre geek. In fact, I’m a real oddball. Unlike every other theatre geek, I hate musicals, generally speaking, even though I have directed musicals and even wrote one, once upon a time. As a rule of thumb, I don’t care for them. OKLAHOMA? I’ll pass. A CHORUS LINE? I’m staying home. I can count on one hand the number of musicals I love, and these all have a Horror element to them. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. JEKYLL AND HYDE. And the first I ever saw (on VHS) and fell in love with: LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

Warner Brothers is planning a reboot of the latter. A reboot not of the 1960s Roger Corman Horror flick (which is admittedly awful, but in a fun sorta way) but of the 80s musical, the one staring Rick Moranis (Whatever happened to him?) and Steve Martin, the one I saw by accident in the 80s and became instantly smitten with. Wednesdays were “Dollar days” at our local movie rental store, and my Mom would, upon getting off work, walk next door to the store and rent a Horror flick for me. (Yes. I have a good mommy.) One week she grabbed LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, not realizing it was a musical. I almost stopped watching it when they started singing, but I hesitated, and it hooked me. Can this new version capture the magic of the original? I doubt it. They’ll probably cast Justin Bieber in the Rick Moranis role. I don’t hold out much hope.