little short and useless statement

(Darkness or gothic topic, if both, all the better)

ce n’est pas l’habillement qui fait la personne mais la personne qui fait l’habillement…

(It’s not the clothing that determins the person yet the person that determins the clothing)

all these posts about being goth, posers, what is being goth about, not wearing happy clothing, etc
all these posts about trying to be original, not conforming to the vast values everyone pushes forward, etc…

why are you making things so complicated in labelling everything? I ask of you only this:

by labelling yourselves as a particular style or what not, call it what you will, are you not being like everyone else?
for the record, i have nothing against it, oh no

I just do not apply that notion to my own life

be what you want, as long as you do not judge others for chosing what they are as well….even if it isn’t who they truly are
it’s not our problem, yet theirs

Ecce Mundi Gaudium….life is simple, keep it simple

je n’ai rien de plus à ajouter, puisque mes mots se perderont sûrement dans vos égos de toute façon….je vous emmerde avec amour mes chéris



By die Krähe

I am darkness incarnated.I am but a Crow, flying above desolated lands, in search of what only exists in the realm of the forsaken...Ich bin Aine die Hexe, A solitaire Witch...