Living in a Petri Dish

not that i believe this but i thought it was an interesting idea… Someone was trying to decide if she really believed in god and what her purpose was and what her religion should be. and she said “what if we’re just an alien’s experiment. think about it. what if this little alien is in a science class and he’s doing a petri dish experiment (like we grow bacteria and stuff) and he’s failing and it’s all my fault because i’m such a bad person.” interesting theory isn’t it?

By DemonQueen

i'm an antisocial lunatic :)


  1. Also, how about reversing that. say you’re in a science class. You do this experiment – create a whole universe etc. Then… end of tutorial, empty the dish, clean it, go on with life.

    How many millions could we have possibly killed? How many lives unknowingly were wiped out?

    Is it better to think of ourselves as the experiment of someone… or the ones doing the experiments?

  2. Of course, the theory sounded very old until you threw in the part about failing because of one person in the petri dish. That does throw a whole new twist on it. Very large twist. I want to think about that for a day…

  3. as Morpheus once said ‘human beings are a virus, a disease of this world..’

    the theory is not as far fetched as it may appear to be, it would be ignorant to dismiss it as a valid theory…but then again I’m partial on the topic of aliens 🙂

  4. Perhaps we aren’t as civilized and wonderful as we think. No better than any other species in the world much less the universe. We simply spread our disease everywhere we go.

    I am the decayed disease of death in your world
    I am the demonic glint in your pastors eye
    I am the acid that falls from your skies
    I am the sludge that flows from your tv
    I am just your reflection

  5. really good thought! i think that we’re the one’s being experimented on. the majority of everyone in our world are blind sheep! i guess the only thing i can say is, i wish that i was ignorant, because ignorance is bliss, and i’d like to be profoundly ignorant and happy too!

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