Living life, or death… Chpt. 1


Standing there, leaning beside the great oak tree, Wess stood, fully conciouss now. He felt much better, a good drink always did. He let the rabbit go, as he heard a fox come near. “Us hunters must share…” he thought” take your part, my friend.” He walked out of the woods to his car waiting near the edge. He jumped in and headed towards the city of Fells Deep.

Fixing her hair, Rayn was perfectly ready for the first day of school. She knew what to expect. A hord of people around the parking lot, circling Daisy Fellman, the mayors father. But, that didn’t bother as she walked out the door, kissing her Aunt good bye. She walked out into the harsh fall air blowing pass her face. The streets were deserted besides her. She rushed towards Adam High, passing the woods beside her house. She didn’t notice the black crow, eyeing her…

She arrived just in time. She waved toward her friends, Bonnie and Jessie. “Hey! Over here!” Rayn shouted. She looked to see the crowd already around Daisy. “Same as every year.” proclaimed Jessie. “Well, let’s not worry about that. So, what have you guys done over the summer!” Bonnie perked up, “I learned palm reading!” Bonnie was a of druid relation. Her mother practices druid things all the time. “Here, let me show you!!!” She grabbed Rayn’s hand. “You will meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger!” Rayn said. “Tall, no. Dark and stranger, yes!” “Give me a break!” Rayn announced. Just then, a 911 Porsche pulled up, and out stepped a guy. He was normal sized and wore a black leather jacket with matching sunglasses.

“Whoah!” exclaimed Rayn.

By SephirothWorshipper

Just another being here on Earth for others to toy with...