Living to Die

It was cold and the night air chilled them as they said their final goodbyes. Zack was going to disappear to Florida with his family the next day, and Trish was going to stay there left in her pethitic misery.

Her breath and lips were cold as she reached up to reach his kiss, their last kiss. “You don’t have to go. Stay here and I will just stay away from you. Don’t go. Stay here so I atleast know I will see you again,” Trish pleaded him to stay.

“I have to go, because I love you. I have to go,” Zack sighed, “As much as I know, you really never say goodbye until death. I know I will see you again.” he explained. He raised his hand and gently stroked her hair, gently and passionatly. They stood there, the wind chilling them, stairing deeply into each others hert eyes. Zack pulled Trish to him, grabbing her into a tight hug. “I will never forget you; I won’t let you go. I promise we will see each other again. I will wait for you and come back. We will be together, but not right now. Right now, I have to go make something of my meaningless life, and you, you have to grow up and become that writter you always wanted to be. Right now we have to say goodbye.” He pulled her even closer as they both wept for their long lost love.

He backed away still holding her but from a short distance. He looked at her as though he was seeing deep into her soul. The last of his tears dropped down his face. He kissed her forhead and then kissed her deeply, passionatly, as if to say goodbye. Zack slowly backed away letting her go but not his gaze. He turned and ran and disappeared leaving Trish all alone, the way she would find herself alot over the years. “Goodbye,” she whispered into the still, cold, dark, night.

~ This is just the prelogue to a novel i am trying to write. If you like it plaese let me know and i will sumit more of it as I get it written. Please let me know what you think about my writing. Sorry about the spelling. ~

By Darkoz89

I like to write and I stay up most of the night writing. I hate myself which is really good because i suppose that helps me write. I think im a worthless peice of shit.