Living…This Misery…

The mystique of this world baffles me,
My soul is living, but is as dead as can be.
I feel entrapped, so alone & lonely,
As I build my hopes on the afterlife only.

I’ve smiled at aftermath of battles lost,
Was oblivious to what they shattered or cost.
Now my silence cries at the resounding voices,
And I’m left in an abyss with few choices.

The reasons why I go on are few,
My spirit melts & wilts, this is nothing new.
Living in a dark cave with an opening,
I weep at the thought of its closing.

As I engrave my words of defeat,
My Soul whispers,it’s death or no retreat.
But death is veiled from my vision,
Waiting and bleeding me for treason.

The painful wasted years won’t be back,
And the journey won’t resume on track.
As I die & my trail of sins follow,
I pray I’m forgotten with tomorrow.