look around and open your eyes

In the eyes of other they say…

So many tears have been shead

One to many hearts have been broking

Not enough lives have been takin

Lots of people think that wat they have is

The greatest thing but then when they look

Around they see pain and dispair but when

I look around i see dead bodies every where

And lots of blood…

In my eyes this is what i see

More than enough hearts have been broken

One to many lifes have been taking

And not enough tears have been shead

I want my life to be takin away but it cant be

Takin away from me…

I walk among the Dead and the Damned

The Suicidal and Depressed

I stand for everything that is dark and


By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me