Look at me.

Ever since I became a goth, people look through me and not at me. Especially my friends and family. People reacated differently with it, some people were glad because it “suited me more” and some people just plain hated it. Some people dont realize that THIS IS ME!
I am glad I can look in the mirror every morning and see me. Not someone who lives their life knowing that people dont see the real me. This is who I am…At home and around my friends.
My sister walks around every day puting on a show for her friends to see. They can not know the real her because they might not like what they see. My sister is a prep. My sister hates me for the simple fact that I am a goth. My sister is nothing but a poser.
Thats all preps are. They wear all these bright colored clothes and they think that they are better then the rest of us. They look down on the minorities and act like they are better then us to make their pathetic lives seem better. They think they are making fun of us by calling us goths but in all actualty, they are only slamming themselves. Thats their problem. Oh well..
Well..I must be off, until next time
One last note– “Keep the Goth spirit alive and multiply”

By nanna

Not really much to say about me.