Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 1)

I’m hovering between dead skies and bloody nights
Haunted by the remembrance of your lies
A caring, comforting kind of love.
I swear I hate you to the skies above
I feel so dead, cheated and used
I cared so much and lies consumed.
You never ended up
All that which I expected you to be.
Expectation too high
Too willing, too quick.
Misleading writings
Words interpreted different.
I look back and notice
All of the signs you sent.
Didn’t want to notice them
Consumed with regret.
Too many tears shed
For too little time spent
Passionate though it was.
Now all is dead.
And I suffer inside
My broken, wounded mind.
Crying my heart
Out every night.
I sit and I speak,
Content in my voice.
Soon you’ll notice you made the wrong choice…
~~~> There is a Part 2 in the Making<~~~

By DeathKat

I'm 17, full of teenage angst, and if labels are loved... I'm "gothic". It hurts so good to be loathed. Talk to me some time. Love and Hope, Kat.