Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 2~Vengeance)

As a dull blade runs down your flesh
I’ll laugh at your tears, now running fresh.
And I’ll tell you to remember
A few weeks back
When you broke my heart
Incentive to break your neck.
I’ll kill you twice
Maybe three times at best.
I’ll put all my pain and sorrow to rest.
Your blood on my hands
Your writings on my mind.
What would be worse?
Taking your life or mine?
And as it slips
This blade I mean
You’ll realize all wasn’t as it seemed.
I’m not a sweet, little, innocent girl
I’ll smile as I see you die.
If I could take back time,
See 11:33 a.m.
I’d change every little thing
And not have even give you a passing glance
Perhaps your life would then have a second chance.
~Kat~ <0.0>

By DeathKat

I'm 17, full of teenage angst, and if labels are loved... I'm "gothic". It hurts so good to be loathed. Talk to me some time. Love and Hope, Kat.