Shadows depart from the darkness
sending us back to our chambers
walking, ascending from behind us
facing our fears seems endless
finding the answers from within our souls
the silence is deafening
timeless past makes our bodies grow old
chilling words causes our eyes to get cold
laughter echoes in our heads
seeming everthing we do we lose at
making faces and glaring gazes
trapping our emotions in our throats
scared of which way to go
nobody left to turn to
losing control of everything we do
time and time again we try to fit in
leaning and standing on our shoulders
causing us to fall like boulders
mocking every move we make
laughing as you imitate
judging you fail to notice
that we are all the same
and nothing matters more than a name
stopping us in our tracks
forgetting all the facts
stirring our emotions up
squeezing our tears to make us weep
our cries make you happy
forever more our pain you shall keep
its time for you to feel sorrow
the table has turned
its tomorrow
now its your turn to lose

By ComasticPoet

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