Bleeding heart
bloody hands

Tears of laughter tears of joy?
I dont know I’m so annoyed

Am I here
Or am I near?

I dont know I think I’m lost

Knife in right hand
rope in left hand

thinking what to do

Kill myself fast

Or let myself sufur
I want to die more than ever

so should I die hanging
Or should I die begging?

Lieing in my bed
and thought why dont I just shoot myself in the head
so as I lie
looking toward the sky
I realized that I have DIED

Is this the end?
Well let me begin…

Even if I find
who I really am inside

I still think that I will always be lost

By deepestdephs

I am 12 years old and have changed totaly I finally see that people kill their self for no reason then I realized that some of the stuff they killed their self for I would probally to if I was in a situatiopn just like that