Lost ( for matt )

we started out fine
everything was perfect
i gave you my heart and i gave you my body
i loved you more then anyone
and out of no where you left me
standing there lost and confused
my love still burning strong
and now that i have talked to you
it makes me want you even more
all i have on my mind is you
i can’t move on
i can’t keep on living
i have your ghost on my back all the time
if you love me like you say you do
then take me in your arms
tell me everythings ok
kiss me, take me back, and say you’ll never go away

i know that will never happen
its all just a dream
you left me behind
and now, don’t want me back

i’ll always have this love burning deep within my soul
always hoping what you once felt for me is still with you while you live you life

i can’t go on
and i feel like a soulless corpse with only one chance to make it through
i love you and i lost you

what am i to do??

By yes

i love every single one of my friends they are my family seeing as my blood family hates me and oh well i hate them to. i love my four best friends, ryan, kittie, matt and jackie. i really don't do much of anything except sitting in my room, listenin to music and going to school