Lost in the darkness

Im walking through a forest. I dont know where I am. Evereything around me is dark and all I can feel is this huge fucking pain in my arm. My neck now has rope burn from the fucking idiot who decided to cut my down. It was my moment to shine and they fucked it up. That was my moment to die. What I had been waiting for all my life, now gone.

I could try it again but I’m already being escorted out of the forest that i ran through only 3 hours ago.
Finally we get out of the forest and there’s cars pulled to the side of the road. I reconise one of them, its my parents cars “Oh great, now im gonna have to deal with their emotional shit and put up with them yelling at me” i think as the run out to come see me. They act all scared and worried about me infront of the police and everyone else around. But thats not what theyre really like.
As soon as I get into the car they turn around and slap me in the fucking face. “What the hell do you think you were doing?” my mom asks “were you TRYING to make the two of us look bad? Sending our kid to suicide isnt a good impression on other people you know.” she added. I was tired of this fucking bullshit shes been putting me through all my life.
“When I was standing on the tree about to jump my my death I was happy, for once in my fucking life I was happy because i knew now it was all over. All the fucking shit you put me through was finally over. But then someone fucking found me and cut me down. Blew up my dreams right infront of my face. What kind of person hikes that far into the forest anyways? Im tired of you treating me like Im nothing” I said to my mom as we drove home.
She flipped herself into the back seat with me and started hitting me as hard as she possibly could. I could just make out what she was saying as she beat the shit out of me. “You think I’ve put you through shit? I had to raise you and feed you and every single day of your fucking life you whined and complained because I dont give you enough.” She said as she tried to kill me.
“I never ask you for shit. We never have any money because of you fucking herion addiction. I fucking hate you. Why do u think I tried to kill myself bitch?” I said to her. Finally she stopped hitting me and decided that i was going to be put in an institution. AN INSTITUTION! yeh right i dont think so.
I wasnt going to put up with her crap and the stupid teachers telling me that “everything was ok. and for me to tell them how i feel” fuck no. thats not the way to live. So i decided that that night it was going to happen for me. I keep a dagger underneath my bed.
When we got home I walked up to my room and blasted metallica as high as it would go. I grabbed my dagger from underneath my bed, took the shiny blade and put it up to my stomache and plunged it though.
Every moment of pain I took in and wished that this was what my parents felt when they found me. There was nothing stopping me now…finally…I was free…