how do you know its “love” when its so far away
so far that you sit here and write your feelings away
so far they said they “love” you and then cheat on you the next day

to this words i speak on the pain i have gone threw and the pain im scared to speak
when I “love” i do not know if its true i may say i “love” you but i dont know if its true
iv heard many definitions of “love” this great existance sent from above this word that means so much and that has touched many people hearts just to blow like a torch
but yet when i do “love” it all comes back to me this misery so many people do not see so when i think of “love” i think so much of hate so much of pain and how i gave my life away
for this 1 word “love”
1 word no feelings and brings all tha pain
so if YOU “love” someone, be carefull and dont be afraid

Categorized as poetic

By thuginpunk