He starts to kiss my lips. He’s 32, i’m 15. I want it, and he wants it. He pushes me down to his bed. Ive been waiting for this forever. He holds me down, he knows I love pain. He rips off my shirt and my skirt. I’m in my bra and thong, he pulls out a knife, still holding me down, he doesn’t know why he is holding me down, he knows i’ll do everything he wants me to, he drags it across my tummy, blood comes out slowly. It drips down. I moan. He doesn’t bother to take off my thong or bra, he cuts it off. He’s so damn hard, he presses his dick to my pussy with his clothes on. He lets go of my hands and i pull his pants off, and then his boxers. He kisses my lips, putting his tongue in my mouth. He kisses my neck, and then sucks on my boobs. Biting my nipples, sucking them as hard as he can. He thrusts his dick inside me. Its my first time. It hurts so bad i can’t help but to yell out. He puts his dick so far inside me, thrusting it in me. I want him to keep going. I’ve never cum before, he keeps going, bringing me to my climax. Pushing so far with so much force that i could bruise. We’ve been waiting for this for years. He’s so close to cumming inside me. We don’t use protection, i love him, and he loves me. He comes, and i cum over and over and over, i scream so loudly, but i don’t think he hears it. He falls collaspes on top of me. Before he falls asleep, he whispers i love u in my ear, and tell him i love him, and he falls asleep on top of me….