Have you ever seen true love. I guess true love can be anything, depending on ur opinion. I can’t say i’ve ever experienced true love, or love for that matter. I’ve had my relationships, but never love.

I think true love is so strong, the mere thought of it can make you sick, because you’ll never have it. so strong that even death cannot cut its bonds. so strong that even from two different universes they can feel eachother. feel eachothers tears, breaths, and blood. so strong that they are dying with the pure intensity of it all. can there be a love so strong, that one will not sorrow even from death because they know that fate will smile upon them. they know that no matter what road they take or what mistakes they make, that in the end they will be the only ones together. together in death, life, and both.

By raven818

The clock is ticking...and when it stops, will you?