I have observed the world around me
And have come to believe that love
Is really mothing more than an illusion
Just a drug we take when we want to forget that the world is such a fucked up place, that the

only reality is really pain and death and suffering
Love is blind
But is this really as depressing as it first seems?
It’s in our nature to drift toward the illusions in life
We need to believe there’s something in this world worth living for
Even if there isn’t
And even if love is blind
Well, you can be blind together
You can hold each other’s hand in the darkness
In fact, I think if we could be certain that love really existed,
Then we would detest it all the more
It’s beautiful because it’s an illusion; Something we try to make ourselves believe in; like a theory that’s flawless until put into practice
What do I know anyway