Love the feeling of floating on white cloud
With the person you love
Having the thought that you are the luckiest boy in the world
But it is all an illusion

Because before you know it love will stab you in the back
You get the feeling of dying a thousand times
The pain eats you op inside
You ask why but no one answers you
You know not what to do, you are alone
So what do you do
Play with knifes
Why not, she never told me why
She left me for another
But forgot to tell me
Why is love so fucking complicated
Why are we forced into depressions
Or worse thoughts of suicide
I have never felt real love
I still search this world for anther lost soul
And I hope I find her someday
Because only there can my black heart be complete

By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it